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Be inspired by my latest Artist  Matt Britton.

At 37 years old, his Conceptual Art in Oils

is beautifully creative, bold and colourful.

His work will soon become very collectable

All Artwork, be it Original Oil, Acrylic on Canvas or Drawings and Photography, are available to be purchased and reproduced as a print to any reasonable size.

All originals are protected by copyright

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Based in Chilwell Nottingham UK

Matt  has had a life long struggle with depression and now aged 37 yrs. is a member of Nottinghamshire County Council's Co-Production Network, which helps people with mental needs to develop their potential and improve their well being and quality of life. 

Matt explained " for as long as I can remember, I have suffered with anxiety and felt a sense of being unwell from the tender age of 6 years old. Things took a turn for the worse when I contracted glandular fever at 17, which triggered chronic fatigue and depression which I have battled with for most of my 20's."

Matt continued " My Art has been my means of therapy for most of this harrowing period , sometimes when I am feeling low, I find it very difficult to paint, I suppose it's my way of rebelling against my dark thoughts. But then when I do allow myself to engage in the process of beginning  a painting, the use of bright colours gives me an uplifting feeling of well being and harmony".

Essentially, Art Has been Matt's Saviour and he continues to develop his amazing artistic talent, 

FINE ART - ABSTRACT or Conceptual Art, call it what you will,

he is an Artist worthy of  World-Wide recognition.


Matt Britton

Michael Dack Artist and Curator